Anthony Jurado wins Clio Cup race in style at Jarama

2022 Clio Cup Europe Anthony Jurado Jarama

From pole position, Anthony Jurado (Milan Competition) put on a show in his Clio Cup Europe season debut. After losing a position at the start, the Frenchman took advantage of a restart to regain the lead at the Circuito de Jarama.

With that, Jurado took the win in the first Clio Cup Europe race of the year, beating Marc Guillot (Milan Competition) and David Pouget (GPA Racing). Meanwhile, Jerzy Spinkiewicz (Uniq Racing) and Quinto Stefana (Milan Competition) won the Challengers Cup and Gentlemen Drivers Cup in this race which also marked the start of the Clio Cup Spain season.

Speed ​​up in Clio Cup Europe and Clio Cup Spain

Rain greeted the field in the much anticipated return of the Clio Cup to Jarama during the collective testing sessions, with Alex Royo (Team VRT) and Anthony Jurado leading the way. The sun shone for qualifying and Anthony Jurado continued his excellent form, taking pole position ahead of his teammate Marc Guillot and Alex Royo. Challengers Jerzy Spinkiewicz, Alex Lahoz (Cotauto Motorsport) and Jordi Palomeras (Team VRT) are in fourth to sixth place.

Despite heavy showers before the start of the race, the majority of drivers opted for Michelin slicks. Marc Guillot jumped into the lead ahead of pole man Anthony Jurado, while Alex Royo had a rough start, pushing Jerzy Spinkiewicz up to third. At the same time, David Pouget jumped from seventh on the grid to fourth before passing Jerzy Spinkiewicz to move into the top three.

The safety car then appeared for the first time to clear the cars of Joaquin Rodrigo (Vearsa Sport) and William Mezzetti (Progetto E20 Motorsport), which were stuck in the gravel bed. At the restart, Anthony Jurado went on the offensive to take the lead from Marc Guillot in a high-flying duel that David Pouget tried to take advantage of, but in vain. The battle for fifth place was just as intense. Alex Royo had the position, but Adrian Schimpf (Cotauto Motorsport) managed to overtake his compatriot after his spin behind the safety car. At the same time, his twin brother Alejandro Schimpf (Cotauto Motorsport) passed Nicolas Milan (Milan Competition) ahead of Jordi Palomeras in their race-long battle.

Anthony Jurado controlled the proceedings until the safety car came out for the second time on lap ten after Lorenzo Nicoli (Progetto E20 Motorsport) made contact with Luciano Gioia (Essecorse) and Emre Can Ünal (Team VRT) went off the track. The skies opened up again and the race ended with a set order.

Anthony Jurado won ahead of Marc Guillot and David Pouget. Behind this French trio, Jerzy Spinkewicz won the Challengers Cup, finishing fourth overall ahead of Spaniard Royo and Adrian Schimpf. Nicolas Milan finished seventh ahead of Jordi Palomeras, Alejandro Schimpf and Quinto Stefana, triumphing in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup ahead of René Steenmetz (Chefo Sport) and Michel Faye (GM Sport).

Clio Cup Europe

The podium places are all entered in the Clio Cup Europe, so Anthony Jurado becomes the first leader of the season, ahead of Marc Guillot and David Pouget. In the Challengers Cup, Polish Jerzy Spinkiewicz also scored points ahead of Mathieu Lannepoudenx (Milan Compétition) and Guillaume Maio (GM Sport). Meanwhile, Quinto Stefana takes the lead in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup, followed by René Steenmetz and Michel Faye.

Clio Cup Spain

Race one of Jarama also marked the start of the Clio Cup Spain. At the end of an intense battle, Alex Royo took fifth overall, ahead of Adrian Schimpf and Jordi Palomeras. Fourth, Alejandro Schimpf completed the Challengers Cup podium. Meanwhile, Fabien Julia (LR Performance) took a comfortable victory over Joaquin Rodrigo in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup.

On Sunday, the participants will return to action for qualifying at 12.05 pm for the second and final race at the Circuito de Jarama at 3.45 pm. All the action will be live streamed and commented on on the Renault Clio Series Facebook page and YouTube channel.