ACtronics enters into international rally partnerships

2022 Rally della Marca Rallye Tierra de Madrid ACtronics

From this year, ACtronics will be the proud namesake of the Italian Rally della Marca and the Spanish Rallye Tierra de Madrid. With this, ACtronics is expanding its rally collaborations further towards Southern Europe, having previously entered into partnerships with the Achterhoek Rally and the German Rallye Sulingen.

Niek Bragt, commercial manager at ACtronics, is very pleased with the new collaborations. “ACtronics has grown strongly in recent years. This is mainly due to our further expansion in Europe, where Southern Europe is very important to us as a growth market. Connecting our name to rally sport fits in with our strategy for further expansion of our activities and brand awareness in Spain and Italy. The eye for detail, the application of high-quality technology and the drive to make every improvement count is what ACTRONICS is all about and we see that reflected in the rally teams.

2022 Rally della Marca Rallye Tierra de Madrid ACtronics

ACtronics Rally della Marca – Italy

The first rally on the calendar is the Rally della Marca, the rally that from now on will be known as the ACtronics Rally della Marca. The rally will be held for the 38th time this year and has become a fixture in the Italian asphalt championship (the CIRA). And that is not so strange. The environment in which the rally is held provides iconic special stages and beautiful pictures. The rally center is located in the prosecco capital Conegliano, where the trials are held in the adjacent Venetian Pre-Alps. One of the main courses is the test to the top of the 1500 meter high Monte Cesen. The rally will be held on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June.

2022 Rally della Marca Rallye Tierra de Madrid ACtronics

ACtronics Rallye Tierra de Madrid – Spain

The second rally of which ACtronics is the new namesake is the Rallye Tierra de Madrid. The rally is still relatively new and will be held for the third time this year. Unlike the Italian rally, it is run entirely on unpaved roads and is directly included in the Spanish Gravel Rally Cup (the CERT). With this, the young and enthusiastic organization has achieved a major achievement. The location of the rally (right next to Madrid airport near Paracuellos de Jarama) is central and therefore offers the possibility to be directly close to our target group and customers. Both in rainy and sunny weather, the spectacular tests will demand the utmost of man and machine. The rally will be held this fall on 7 and 8 October.

Calendar ACtronics’ partner rallies 2022
May 6-7, 2022: ADAC ACtronics Rallye Sulingen (DE)
June 17-18, 2022 : ACtronics Rally della Marca (IT)
October 7-8, 2022 : ACtronics Rallye Tierra de Madrid (ES)
December 10, 2022: ACtronics Achterhoek Rally (NL)

About ACtronics
With about 200 employees, ACtronics is a leader in the field of overhaul of car electronics. Every day we process hundreds of electronic car parts that are brought back to new condition thanks to high-tech remanufacturing solutions. This is not only a lot cheaper than new, but also saves a large part of the raw materials. With this ACtronics offers a solution that is better for both the wallet and the environment.