André Thewessen closes TDC with 21st time in final stage

2022 Tunisia Desert Challenge TDC André Thewessen ATS

André Thewessen and Eugene Kesselaar were able to conclude the Tunisia Desert Challenge (TDC) on a positive note. A lot happened in the eighth and final stage, but Thewessen can look back on an instructive week.

André Thewessen is betting on top 20 in Tunisia Desert Challenge 2022.

After two canceled stages, the final stage with start and finish at the Star Wars film set continued as usual. The duo finished in 21st place after a week in which the classification could quickly be forgotten. There was still plenty going on on Friday, says Thewessen at the finish. “We had a nice drive today, but we lost time three times due to errors in navigation. That’s too bad. We had to turn around and we had a flat tire, another belt broke. In the first twenty minutes we had already overtaken a lot of cars, but if you drive wrong you have to start all over again. The engine also went into emergency mode, at one point there was a main power switch causing problems. Then you stand completely still. It was repaired fairly quickly, but we still had that twice. In the dunes we took it easy, but otherwise we were able to drive a nice pace. We actually drove very well, but we lost a lot of time due to peripheral matters.”

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Looking back on the rally, Thewessen had a few good days driving, but he was not spared bad luck either. “It’s a shame it took a long time with the sweeper, our damage was not much but we lost a lot of time because we were on the road with the sweeper”, Thewessen looks back on the third and fourth stage. “As a result, we were actually out for two days, which was a shame.” After that, the rally was plagued by high winds and problems with visibility. The sixth and seventh stage could therefore not take place.

The fact that the eighth and last stage could still be ridden was a nice boost for Thewessen. “Luckily we were able to drive a beautiful day today, otherwise you don’t feel like the party. Unfortunately, we only had a connection two days in a row due to the sandstorm, the big problem was that the organization did not get the cars left behind quickly enough. I’m glad we didn’t experience any shocking things, that we were able to drive. I already saw others driving without wheels, so we did well.”

The next appointment of ATS Rally is most likely the Breslau Rallye in Poland.

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