Sebastian Vettel expects completely different F1 Grand Prix of Spain

F1 2022 Aston Martin Lance Stroll - Sebastian Vettel Grand Prix Spanje Preview

Aston Martin F1 drivers Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll are looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix. Both drivers believe ground effect will play a major role at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona.

Overtaking in Barcelona has never been easy in the past, Vettel thinks it will be different this year, partly due to the design of the cars in F1 season 2022. In addition to overtaking, according to the German, there will also be a lot of wheel to wheel battle.

Sebastian Vettel: “Barcelona will exhibit much of the behavior inherent in these 2022 cars; the lower speed corners will be a physical challenge while the faster sections will be about courage and confidence in the ground effect. Overtaking was usually difficult here, but I think these cars have shown that they can drive much better wheel-to-wheel, so I think it will be a different race than previous Spanish Grands Prix.”

F1 2022 Aston Martin Lance Stroll - Sebastian Vettel Grand Prix Spanje Preview

Lance Stroll: “I think Barcelona will be a great track to show how these ground effect cars work in the high-speed sections – especially in the long corner three – so I think the fans can expect some excitement on board. This weekend also offers a chance to compare everyone’s progress after testing here earlier this year. These cars are like prototypes and they keep getting better.”

Timetable Spanish Grand Prix:

			Session	BST	Local Time
Free Practice One	13:00 – 14:00	14:00 – 15:00
Free Practice Two	16:00 – 17:00	17:00 – 18:00
Free Practice Three	12:00 – 13:00	13:00 – 14:00
Qualifying		15:00 – 16:00	16:00 – 17:00
Grand Prix		14:00 – 16:00	15:00 – 17:00